There are many benefits of purchasing Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) for your data center. Depending upon the size of the industry and company, maintenance and support can consume up to two-thirds of your IT budget. By implementing third-party support, you can receive the level of service that you need while reducing the cost of support by 30%-70%. In order to do this, you must first choose the correct vendor for your organization.

There are many factors that can play into your search for the best TPM partner for your company’s needs. But the best start is to make sure you are asking the right questions to properly evaluate potential vendors. As change can be unnerving, especially when it involves the maintenance and support of your enterprise hardware. You trust the OEM to take care of your equipment, but the support costs are beginning to take a toll now that EOL has been called on your equipment.

You need to find an alternative. One that doesn’t charge a premium. But one that provides the same level of service and the same quality replacement parts that you had before.


If you are a multinational company, you need a vendor that can support you and have hands & feet wherever you operate. If your vendor has limited reach, then you face having to partner with additional TPM vendors in different regions just to cover your international network of datacenters.  Fundamentally, you are looking to save money through TPM, not add redundant services or unnecessary overhead to your budget.

For a multinational company, its important to have a quick response rate for any downtime otherwise it may turn into overhead costs. More importantly, even a quick response rate may not resolve the situation if you aren’t able to replace the faulty hardware swiftly. A TPM vendor should have a global reach with local parts stocking and delivery locations. The RMA process needs to be simple and straightforward so that users can raise RMA requests without any hassle.

For any company, managing operating costs is always a challenge. With overloading cost burden companies may have severe impact or delays on their existing deliveries and projects. A TPM provider should guarantee 30%-70% cost saving. There shouldn’t be any charge for adding or deleting equipment coverage and absolutely no hidden costs.

IT teams are becoming more and more generalized, which means that any outsourced engineer needs to be well-versed in a broad spectrum of data center and network support protocols. With emerging and integrated technologies most of the companies today are vendor agnostic and as such will have multitude of OEMs in their eco-system. If the TPM vendor doesn’t have the capability to support multi vendors, users may struggle to find the required support thus adding to more downtime and service disruptions.

Vendors only source spares when your devices break. This just-in-time replacement methodology lead you vulnerable to fluctuating market conditions if, for example, no replacement device is available close enough to meet your SLAs.

For your legacy hardware to be supported you need assurances that the vendor has access to a steady stream of quality spare and refurbished parts. The TPM vendor needs to have forward stocking location and should be in a position to deliver spares swiftly and efficiently

Raising a ticket and getting a swift response is one aspect of service delivery however in end-to-end service delivery a TPM vendor also needs to have clear and user-friendly process and protocols in place to complement the service delivery. The processes need to follow the industry best practices and should meet highest standards of compliance to facilitate the service delivery.

It is important to make sure your TPM vendor provides the most comprehensive solution.

  • Can your vendor help you to organize and manage all your maintenance contracts in a single portal?
  • Can the vendor allows you to add/delete assets on pro-rata basis?
  • Would the engineers from the maintenance provider be able to help with projects outside of hardware maintenance?
  • Would the vendor be able to help with ‘lift & shift’ and data center relocation?
  • Can the maintenance vendor perform asset destruction to ensure that data is erased properly?

BETA6 – Your Partner Of Choice

BETA6 provides global coverage to provide services for our clients, no matter where they operate. With our 1200+ forward delivery locations, we stock 700K+ multi-vendor spares globally to deliver critical spares in record time.

Our customer centric approach provides complete flexibility to customers to tailor their own SLA as per their business requirement. Our 24×7 Helpdesk ensures that we are always available to support you during those challenging times. At BETA6 we don’t only just partner with you, but we also work with you relentlessly as part of your teams to provide ‘ANYTIME, ANYWHERE SUPPORT’.

Isn’t it time to find a TPM partner that help you in providing uninterrupted uptime?



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