10 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Server


What manufacturers are they using? Do they have a standard configuration? And how quickly do you need this? When you say configuration, what does that entail?

There’s a handful of items that configure a machine. We build everything configured to order. We have CPU, Memory, RAM, hard drive space, and connectivity.

What additional components are there? Well, we build everything specific to the customer’s need. So that’s why we really try to dig in. Sometimes that applications are requiring a large memory count, or sometimes their whole need for a machine is to actually have disc drive space. So we really drill down as best we can.

How detailed do you get with customers over the phone? Very detailed. The more specific we could get, the more in-depth we can get with the customer. We can narrow it down. We can not only save them money, that helps us ship gear that we have in-house.

Makes for a quicker turnaround time.

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