The Need for Digitally Integrated Infrastructure Services

Bruce Kelly

Vice President of Professional Services


DATE: October 07, 2020

As companies continue to determine the impacts of the global pandemic, the ability to meet their customers’ needs digitally has accelerated in 2020. Investments in new technologies that allow businesses to acquire customers and improve customer experience to gain market share are critical. Many organizations are in a fight to survive, while traditional ways of doing business paused. Further, global IT spending is declining by 8% in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many organizations spend nearly 70-80% of the IT budget purely focused on keeping the lights on. The struggle to balance technology investments to drive the innovation agenda, while maintaining and optimizing their complex current digital infrastructure, is real. Recently, during a discussion with a global retail bank, they indicated that “…very few organizations can claim to achieve a 50/50 split, between running and maintaining the existing IT infrastructure and modernization/innovation of new IT infrastructure”.

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders need more digitally integrated services to maximize uptime while proactively optimizing and finding additional cost savings opportunities to re-invest as the business changes. I&O leaders need digitally integrated services that go beyond maintenance

There needs to be a comprehensive way to optimize existing digital infrastructure throughout its lifecycle to help fund innovation.

Introducing Digitally Integrated Infrastructure Services

Digitally Integrated Infrastructure Services (D²S) gives I&O leaders the ability to optimize IT costs with an integrated infrastructure services suite. D²S analyzes spend and utilization of infrastructure services and provides recommendations. Organizations will better understand the actual usage of infrastructure and have the ability to redeploy both capital and operating expenditures. While all this occurs, D²S maintains the network, server, and storage infrastructure, and organizations benefit from Beta6 technology resources such as remote hands when needed.

IT Asset Lifecycle Optimization

D²S provides end-to-end IT Asset Lifecycle Optimization across five critical pillars of your digital infrastructure. Utilizing a 24/7 digital operations center and an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, organizations receive alert triage, predictive hardware support, proactive recommendations, and change management across your existing digital infrastructure. D²S continuously optimizes across these five pillars of your digital infrastructure.

Discover and Manage IT Assets

Get an accurate, comprehensive picture of your existing physical and virtual digital IT infrastructure with tools that automatically discover assets and develop an optimized infrastructure support model to manage them.


Uptime is expected by users across the globe and critical to the business.

Real-time visibility across your entire digital infrastructure with proactive monitoring and predictive failure analysis, powered by artificial intelligence, helps stop disruptions and outages before they occur.

Hybrid Maintenance of Network, Servers, and Storage

Extending your IT assets’ useful life and driving down the total cost of maintenance can be achieved utilizing a hybrid support model of both manufacturer and third-party maintenance. Organizations receive substantial cost savings of up to 50-70% on assets across many vendors while also extending the assets’ lives. Over 250+ field engineers in 100+ service locations worldwide allow for agility to operate locally in markets across six continents. For newer IT investments, traditional manufacturer maintenance support remains in place.

Operational Support

Business needs change often. This change usually requires operational support such as Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes (IMAC) to cover standard tasks such as memory or CPU upgrades, card replacements, and additions. IMAC operational support is administered by the same skilled engineers who provide your maintenance support and understand your infrastructure.

Decommissioning Assets

Once IT Assets are retired, proper disposal through IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is provided. This includes onsite or offsite data erasure or hard drive destruction, asset disposal, and asset resale.

Continuous Optimization of Infrastructure

D²S provides a comprehensive digital infrastructure lifecycle services solution and optimizes continuously. D²S helps infrastructure leaders bridge the divide from legacy to digital, physical assets to the cloud, and operations to innovation.

Leaders can spend less time on maintenance tasks, reduce costs on infrastructure maintenance, and recommend opportunities to redeploy expenditures to innovative technologies. The biggest benefits advance the business in increased uptime and performance while improving the customer experience and leading to better business outcomes.

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